Horizontal Mixers

Since 1979, LuckNow Mixer Feeders have been recognized as one of the most dependable and strongest built mixers in the field.   All LuckNow horizontal mixers are driven by a planetary gearbox and are available in trailer, stationary & truck mount versions. In today's competitive market, choosing the right TMR mixer that can provide you with the best affordable quality and dependability can be difficult.  With numerous models and options to choose from, ranging in mixing capacities of 150 to 900 cubic feet, your solution starts right here, with LuckNow.

Horizontal Mixers - Trailer

Horizontal four auger mixers in a trailer version with capacities from 260 to 900 cubic feet.  Pto driven augers, hydraulically operated door and discharge.

Horizontal Mixers - Stationary

Horizontal four auger mixers in a stationary version with capacities from 150 to 750 cubic feet.  Electric motor driven augers, manual or electric door opener.

Horizontal Mixers - Truck

All models of Horizontal Mixers have the option to be mounted to a truck, allowing you to be more flexible and versatile.