Green Machine



Introducing LuckNow's NEW Poultry Mortality Composter

The economical and environmentally friendly approach to poultry mortality composting.

Using the Green Machine, the normal high temperature "active" decomposition phase is shortened from several weeks to only a few days in ideal composting conditions.


Requires only deadstock, wood shavings and a small amount of manure and water for composting to occur.

  • Low energy input
  • Quick, easy disposal (one-time handling)
  • Eliminate scavenger, fly and odour problems associated with conventional composting methods


  GM4185 GM4260 GM4360
Capacity 185 cu ft 260 cu ft 360 cu ft
Bin Length 96" 120" 168"
Bin Width 72" 84" 84"
Overall Length 143" 169" 217"
Overall Width 85" 103" 103"
Max. Height (roof open) 192" 204" 204"
Floor to discharge 26" 26" 26"
Floor Thickness (stainless) 1/4" 1/4" 1/4"
Tub End Thickness (stainless) 1/4" 1/4" 1/4"
Electrical Requirements 220 volts

Unless otherwise indicated, all dimensions are in inches with standard equipment installed.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
Certain features shown may be optional.



Loading Platform

Platform for loading small amounts and viewing product.

Manual Loading Hatch

A manual hatch in the lid for loading small quantities by hand.

Simple Operational Controls

Simple electrical and hydraulic controls for operation.

Timer operated mixing action.

Insulated Roof With Stainless Bottom

Hydraulically operated roof for loading large amounts with a loader tractor.

Stainless Steel Tub

Completely stainless steel tub for durability

Temperature Measurement

Easy access temperature measurement location

Self Unloading

Slow speed four auger mixing action that is self unloading.

Finished Product

Nutrient rich organic compost in a matter of days.


Green Machine video


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