Rotary Mowers



For 30 years, LuckNow rotary mowers have been know as one of the heaviest rough cut rotary mowers available on the market.

Available in 72” & 84" cutting width models.  Ideal for clearing grass, weeds and light brush around the property.

All welded, heavy duty construction.

Includes a third link that will help follow the contour of your property for all your farm grass maintenance.

Heavy duty gearbox with a slip clutch PTO.

Uplift blades for a more consistent cut.


Models R72H R84H
Cutting Width 72" 84"
Weight 890 lbs 1075 lbs
Cutting Height 4” to 12” 4” to 12”
Uplift Blades ½” x 4” ½” x 4”
PTO #5 with slip clutch #5 with slip clutch
Horsepower 40 to 85 hp 40 to 85 hp
Hitch Category 1 & 2 Category 1 & 2
Tire 16” laminated rubber 16” laminated rubber
Steel 10 Ga. on sides 10 Ga. on sides
Steel 3/16 reinforced on top 3/16 reinforced on top

Unless otherwise indicated, all dimensions are in inches with standard equipment installed.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
Certain features shown may be optional.



Heavy Duty Frame

One of the heaviest built frames on the market

Heavy Gearbox

Durable enough to handle years of operation

Adjustable Tail Wheel

Raise and lower to adjust the length of cut

Laminated Wheel

For long lasting operation that will never go flat

Uplift Blade

Raises grass blades up for a more consistent cut

Slip Clutch PTO

A slip clutch PTO to protect the driveline


Other Colours

Many paint colours available to suit your tractor.

Double Tail Wheel

Double tail wheel available for increased stability (on either model)


Rotary Mowers Specs

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