Material Handlers



LuckNow's Material Handler can be used to spread/discharge materials up to 16' away.

Two models to choose from with capacities of 7 or 12 cubic yards.


Sand, sawdust, bark, mulch, small pea gravel, potash & landscaping mixed soil. 


  • Agriculture - bedding cow stalls with sand, sawdust
  • Landscaping - spreading landscaping materials such as sawdust, bark and mulch
  • Construction - spreading small pea gravel & sand, filling trenches
  • Golf Courses - spreading sand, trench filling, spot dressing


  MH710 MH1216
Capacity (struck level) 7 cubic yards 12 cubic yards
Capacity (heaped) 10 cubic yards 16 cubic yards
Overall Height 86" (90" with bi-directional option) 97” (101" with bi-directional option)
Tub Length 143" 172”
Tub Depth 49" 60”
Overall Length 228" 257”
Overall Width 93" 93”
Discharge Conveyor 20" wide belting 20" wide belting
Discharge Height 32" above ground 32" above ground
Tub Conveyor Width 40" 40”
Door Opening 38" wide x 12" high 38” wide x 12” high
Tires 385 / 65 x 22.5 (x2 - single axle) 385 / 65 x 22.5 (x4 - tandem axle)
Weight 5600 lbs. 8050 lbs.

Unless otherwise indicated, all dimensions are in inches with standard equipment installed.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
Certain features shown may be optional.



Drag Conveyor

Walking floor apron chain in hopper with heavy duty conveyor chain.

Belt Conveyor Discharge

High speed discharge to spread material up to 16 feet away

Stainless Steel Floor

Durable and long lasting in abrasive environments

Re-capped Truck Tires

A low-cost way to get quality tires

Greaseable Bearings

Heavy duty conveyor shafts with greaseable bearings and easy access chain tighteners


Bi-Directional Conveyor

Discharge to either side, with angle adjustment.  Requires manual pto switching.

Note - bin is 4" higher for this option


Material Handler Operator Manual

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