Bio-Compost Mixers



In this age of growing environmental protection, disposing of and reusing waste products is becoming increasingly important.

LuckNow is pleased to be a part of the process of turning compost and sludge into useable products such as potting soil.  We will custom modify any of our four-auger or vertical mixers to handle mixing of compost and sludge.

Possible Modifications include

All stainless steel liners (available for the entire inner lining of the tub)

  • Stainless steel augers (flighting and tube wrap)
  • All sealed bearings
  • Sealed discharge door
  • Augers located closer to the floor of the mixer for a more complete mix
  • Special paints

Most specifications are the same as standard mixers but with certain applications, modifications are made to meet customers requirements.

For more information on these types of mixers, contact our most active dealer in this field: Engineered Compost Systems.

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