L Series



Light duty, long lasting single auger snowblowers for today's compact estate tractors.

Cutting widths of 48" & 52" to quickly clear your sidewalks and driveways.

Manual and hydraulic chute rotators available for operator convenience.


Approx. Weight (Lbs.) 315 330
Cutting Width 48" 52"
Cutting Height 21" 21"
Fan Shaft Diameter 1" 1"
Fan Blades 3 3
Fan Diameter 20" 20"
Fan Housing Width 7" 7"
Fan Housing (thickness) 12 ga. 12 ga.
Auger Diameter 14" 14"
Auger Shaft Diameter 1 1/4” 1 1/4”
Auger Flighting Thickness 5/16” 5/16”
Auger Chain Size #50 #50
Chute Diameter 10” 10”
Chute Length 36” 36”
Hydraulic Chute Rotator Opt. Opt.
Hitch Category 1 1
Recommended H.P. (min) 12 12
Recommended H.P. (max) 20 20

Unless otherwise indicated, all dimensions are with standard equipment installed.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
Certain features shown may be optional.



Heavy Duty Gearbox

Heavy duty enclosed gearbox

Robust Build

Nothing light about our L series of blowers.

Heavy augers &  shafts, thick wall steel end plates & shell, greaseable bearings, #50 chain & sprockets

Single Section Spout Deflector

Control where you want the snow to be blown

Heavy Duty Fan

Heavy, three blade fan on all models

Manual Hood Rotator

An easy to turn crank system for hood rotation

Manual Deflector Adjustment Rod

For precise control of the spout deflector angle

Heavy PTO shaft

Heavy duty PTO shaft with shear bolt protection


Bolt-On Skid Shoes

Prevent scratching or digging in of expensive driveways

Hydraulic Hood Rotator

Allows rotation of the hood without the manual effort (comes with hydraulic cylinder, hoses and fittings)


Lucknow Snowblowers


L Series Snowblowers - Specs

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Customer Testimonials

Lane Wilson - Airdrie Alberta

Lane recently purchased a LuckNow snowblower and couldn't be happier. "Why didn't I buy it a long time ago?" he mused. He said it made short work of the 200 foot by 3 foot deep snow drift he recently had to clear.

Tyson Hainsworth - Bowden, Alberta

Tyson is still using a blower originally built in 1983.  He has this to say "This snowblower never gives me problems and the company is amazing to work with for any service work needed. I would definitely buy another product from them and refer anyone I know to them as well."

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