Bill Hibbard - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Bill has been using his snowblower for more than 30 years and has now passed it on to his son-in-law, who expects it to last for decades more. 

“It’s nice to still have Canadian made equipment available that can pass from one generation to the next”.

Tyson Hainsworth - Bowden, Alberta

Tyson is still using a blower originally built in 1983.  He has this to say "This snowblower never gives me problems and the company is amazing to work with for any service work needed. I would definitely buy another product from them and refer anyone I know to them as well."

Bill Johnson - Kincardine, Ontario

In the 28 years that I have been blowing snow, with proper maintenance to my blower, I haven’t had a single problem I couldn’t fix easily myself. If I ever have to replace my blower, I would definitely stick with a LuckNow.

EJ’s Excavating & Snow Removal - Traverse City, Michigan

I have been doing commercial snow removal for 10 years now. [My LuckNow snowblower] has been great. Built really stout. I've replaced bearings and sprockets and chains and done some welding of rusted out steel. I installed a removable cutting edge on the bottom and extended the side wings out past the auger. It’s very fast. I’m on my 3rd tractor. Thanks for such a great product.

Lane Wilson - Airdrie Alberta

Lane recently purchased a LuckNow snowblower and couldn't be happier. "Why didn't I buy it a long time ago?" he mused. He said it made short work of the 200 foot by 3 foot deep snow drift he recently had to clear.

Lloyd Morrison, Morrison Beef Farms - Lucknow, Ontario

After using my new LuckNow vertical 2270, I have never been more pleased with the consistency and ease at which it handles the higher roughage I now put in my mix.

Evergreen Holsteins - Ethel, Ontario

They are very well built and competitive machines compared to the other makes out there.  The difference is that if service is needed on our LuckNow mixer, we are going to get it right away.  The other manufacturers won’t do that.  We are very happy with our LuckNow mixer.

Louis Fontinato - Campbellville, Ontario

Louis Fontinato, former NHL’er with the New York Rangers in the 50’s and 60’s runs a cattle operation in Campbellville, Ontario. He feeds two loads per day consisting of corn silage and haylage. Lou purchased his 285 mixer in September of 1983 making it one of the first ones we ever produced. He has kept it very well maintained and it’s still going strong today. In Lou’s words, “There’s nothing like a LuckNow”

Mark Mueller, Miller Dairy - Greenleaf, Wisconsin

I highly recommend any LuckNow product.  They are great products and a great company to deal with.  The service we receive from our dealer, L&L Sales, is great also. 

Phil Barlow - Ailsa Craig, Ontario

I have recently purchased a 7 foot Lucknow and wouldn't trade it for anything.  Your product is the best built that I have seen or used and is worth every penny. I wish I could get the tractor and snowblower up the front walk, that way I wouldn't have to shovel at all.

John Silva, J.S. Dairy - Delta, Utah

I wanted to tell you how satisfied I am with your Lucknow feedbox.  I purchased the 2290 model and am pleased with its performance.  The low sides make loading easy and fast.  The speed in which it mixes the feed is amazing.  By the time the last ingredient goes into the mix the load is ready to be fed to the cows.

McArthur Farms - Okeechobee, Florida

After having mixed over 246,375,000 lbs in our 2290 we had to replace the augers and re-line the tub due to wear. In the amount of time and use this mixer has been operating we have not had a single problem with it.

Scott Cardiff - Ethel, Ontario

This [LuckNow] mixer is extremely user friendly.  I am very pleased with the ease of operation of this machine.  Having not used a mixer before, this machine drastically reduces the amount of time and cost in my daily overall operation.  The mixer is built to last.

Brent Moyer, Freeport Dairy - Freeport, Michigan

It only takes 5 minutes to unload the mixer. We are very happy with our LuckNow mixer.

Pete Wright, WWD Farms Inc. - Southeastern Georgia

We feed 7000 cows 288 tons a feed per day. All of this is accomplished using LuckNow 4-auger mixers on all five farms.  These mixers handle a wide variety of commodities with no problem! I have great service out of my mixers.

Fertile Ridge Dairy LLC - Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin

We couldn’t be happier with our mixers and the service we receive from Field Silo & Equipment.

Tom Thelen, Riverview Dairy - Muir, Michigan

Our LuckNow vertical mixer leaves very little feed in the mixer after feeding. As well, the particle size of the feed has greatly improved over our old mixing method.

DeeVirile and Michael Christensen - Dayton, Idaho

There’s never been a better piece of machinery come on the farm. It cuts down labour so much. There’s no maintenance either. The cows keep the manger cleaned up better than ever. It does a good job.

Eldon Buchanan - Smithfield, Utah

This mixer does the best darn job of any mixer I’ve tried. It gets the job done right without any problems and it was very affordable. I’m very happy with it.

Harvey Haagsma - Sedro Woolley, Washington

I can put in a wide range of products (hay, green feed, grass silage, round or square bales) and this vertical mixer mixes it up real well. We have a lot less feed bunk waste and the health of the cows has gone up. The milk production doesn’t fluctuate like it used to, either. It’s done really well for us.

Yamaguchi Farm - Kamikita-Gun, Aomori, Japan

We are extremely pleased with the operation of our LuckNow mixer.

Hill & Hill Farms Ltd. / First Line Seeds - Varna, Ontario

We have owned a 500 bushel LuckNow grain buggy for our corn, wheat and soybean farm for more than fifteen years.  This machine has transferred quite a few million bushels and has only required normal expected maintenance and replacement parts. It is an extremely well built machine and any breakage can be attributed to abuse on our part. If we ever wear it out we will definitely buy another one.