Vertical Mixers - Stationary



Single screw vertical mixers in a stationary version with capacities of 210 or 320 cubic feet.

The mixing auger is driven by electric motor, the door can be manually operated or electric driven.  All models are available with our without scales.

Other sizes are available, contact us for details.

All LuckNow mixers use Digi-Star scale systems.

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Model 210VS 320VS
Base Mixing Capacity (cu ft) 210 320
Overall Height (with standard stands) 88" 88"
Overall Length 118" 137"
Overall Width 80" 99"
Number of augers 1 1
Tungsten Coated Knives (qty) 6 6
Auger Flighting (thickness) 5/8 5/8
Floor thickness 5/8 5/8
Hopper wall thickness 1/4 1/4
Door Opening Width 24 24
Approximate Weight (lbs) 5150 6450

Unless otherwise indicated, all dimensions are in inches with standard equipment installed.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
Certain features shown may be optional.



Manual Discharge Door

Standard manual opening discharge door

Electric Motor Drive

Electric motor with belt & pulley drive including a two speed gearbox for easy startup

Restrictor Bars

Adjustable for long fiber processing of your ration

Planetary Gearbox

Heavy duty planetary reduction gearbox

Tungsten Coated Knives

Long wearing and easily replaceable

Adjustable knives

Knives are adjustable for more aggressive cutting action


Stand heights

Customize the height of the mixer to suit your needs

Carbide Tip Knives

For longer wear and more aggressive cutting

Electric Door Opener

Optional electric motor door opener

Scale Options

A large number of scale options are available including wireless systems, remotes, large view indicators and more.

See the download section for more information.


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Single Vertical Stationary Mixer Specifications

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