Grain Buggies



Since 1980, LuckNow Grain Buggies have been known as one of the most rugged and reliable grain buggies available.

Save time and increase the capacity of your combine by up to 30% by unloading on the go.  Under ideal conditions, the big 13" unloading auger can unload 400 bushels in 3 minutes.

Available in capacities from 400 to 800 bushels.

Available with our without scale systems.

Many tire options are available.


MODEL SIZE 412 616 816
Drag Auger 9” 12” 12”
Unloading auger 12” 16” 16”
Unloading auger height 15’-4” 16’-4” 17’
Tank width 8’ 8’ 10'
Tank Length 15' 19' 19'
Left hand side extension (15”) standard standard standard
Tire size 23.1 x 26 30.5 x 32 30.5 x 32
Overall Weight (empty) 8,500 lbs. 10,800 lbs.  - 
Overall Tongue Weight (empty) 2,000 lbs. 2,400 lbs.   - 
Overall capacity (standard) 400 bu. 600 bu. 800 bu.
Overall capacity (with optional extension) 450 bu. 675 bu. 900 bu.
Overall Height (pending tire size) 9’ 10’ 10.5’

Unless otherwise indicated, all dimensions are in inches with standard equipment installed.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
Certain features shown may be optional.



Left Side Extension

Keep all of the product inside the buggie while unloading the combine

Hydraulic Shut Offs

Prevent no load start ups

Auger Clean-outs

On the drag and unloading auger to easily unload the last of the product

Auger Spotlight

Allows extra control for grain placement and determination of load completion

Heavy Duty Trailer Jack

An 18,000 lb trailer jack is standard

Rear Safety Lights

For extra visibility when travelling in low-light conditions

Hydraulic Hoses

No need to worry about extra costs for an essential piece of equipment


Tire Options

Many different tire options available

Scale System

A scale system with many different options is available.

Roll-Over Tarp

Keeps load safe from rain and wind. All models built for easy after market installation

Other Colours

Many paint colours available to suit your tractor.


Grain Buggie - Specs

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Grain Buggie Operator Manual

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Customer Testimonials

Hill & Hill Farms Ltd. / First Line Seeds - Varna, Ontario

We have owned a 500 bushel LuckNow grain buggy for our corn, wheat and soybean farm for more than fifteen years.  This machine has transferred quite a few million bushels and has only required normal expected maintenance and replacement parts. It is an extremely well built machine and any breakage can be attributed to abuse on our part. If we ever wear it out we will definitely buy another one.

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